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"By the waaaay." Angie said, "I picked up an injured blue haired girl on the way over here. So, I took her back to my universe, so she could recover a little bit...and she said her name was Barbara?" She said, looking at the sages.

"WAIT WHAT?" Tammy shouted.

Ted immediately stepped in front of her. "Take me to her. She's my wife and their mother." He explained while Tommy and the others surrounded Angie.

"She's currently in my healing room." The bear said, quickly opening a portal to her universe.

"She should be fully healed by now..."

Tommy and his sisters looked at the portal, a bit hesitant to step in.

Ted looked back at his kids and said: " Come on, we need to see her."

Tommy nodded and turned to his sisters. "Come on guys." he said before heading to the portal.

Alex was already jumping into the portal, Tammy was a little bit speechless.

"O...ok?" She said, before walking after Tommy to the portals.

As they entered, they were teleported to a grand and beautiful looking area. There were houses for mutiple demi-gods that acted as nurses, and at the top of the hill was a huge golden palace.

"This is a gorgeous place here." Ted commented.

"Why thank you!" Angie smiled.

"I had such a hard time getting everything to look right." ^^;

"Oh Kriiiiiiisssssty!" She called.

A pastel colored kitten came out of her house, and quickly rushed over to the group.

"Angie, you're back!" She said cheerfully, soon hugging the bear.

"Yes dearie, I'm back...hows our patient, Barbara?" Angie questioned.

"Well, since we gave her that potion, shes fully healed now. She kept calling me an adorable bundle of joy." Kristy said smiling and blushing.

"That's mom alright." Tommy said to his sisters.

Ted then walked over and asked: "Can we see her now?

"Ah, yes! She's in perfect condition now." :meow: the little kitten said, showing the group to the castle, then to Barbara's room.

Angie was seen picking 3 fully bloomed Cattleyas, before opening Barbara's door.

Barbara was sitting down with her blue hood up until she heard the door open. "Please dear, I appreciate the help bu- TED!" she exclaimed as she ran into his arms. :hug:

Ted nearly broke into :tears: "Babs!" He hugged her back. "I missed you so much since that accident. I thought I could never see you again!"

Barbara smiled as streams of tears ran down her face. "I'm sorry if I left, stuff happened, but I'm glad I got a second chance to see you again."

They continually hugged until she spotted Tommy, Tammy, and Alex. "My babies!" She scooped all 3 up in a :hug: as well.

Tommy sniffled as he hugged her back.

"Mom..." Tammy said, about to burst into tears as she hugged her back.

Alex was already crying her eyes out, she was practically giving her mother a death hug!

Barbara cried into them, knowing that it had been nearly a DECADE since she's seen them. She then broke the hug and studied them. :o  "Oh my goodness, you all grew up so fast!" She said now feeling the tears come back. "I'm sorry i left you all. I would've given up being a sage just to be with you all again, but sadly god had other plans and I...I..." She said as Ted hugged her. :cry:

"It'll be alright now...we're together again, and hopefully, for a long time." Ted said as Barbara smiled and kissed his lips. Kiss emote

Light studied the family, much being reminded of hers, she held back the tears and walked over to Barbara. "How do you feel, Water?"

"Great, I'm feeling great and ready to defend my home again." Barbara said while stretching.

Tommy nodded. "Yeah, and we can defend the Earth together!" :D he exclaimed as his mother giggled at his proclamation.

"Oh my boy, I appreciate the gesture. But I need to fight with the chosen Guardians of the Earth. The forces there are way too much for you kids to handle." ^_^

:blink: "But mom, we kind of are the guardians." Tommy said.

Barbara then looked back at them. "Come again?!" :?

"Y-yeah mom, we are the guardians." Tammy said.

"My dear, do you not remember telling Ted about that? We also found out he's the sage of Wind..." Light said, looking back at Ted.

Barbara looked at her husband and smiled. "I'm glad we found you to be the wind sage. That comes with great responsibility and power that I think you can handle should I put" she then grabbed all three in a bear hug and shouted: "MY BABIES AREN'T GOING TO GO FIGHT THE FORCES OF DARKNESS!!!!"

Tammy and Tommy jumped a little, Alex stood there looking at her mother with concern.

"I'm sorry Barbara, but they're the chosen ones. Time already looked all over just to be safe." Forest calmly said.

Angie's ears went back as she looked at the window in the room. "What...the :censored:  IS THAT?!" :gasp:

Alex looked Angie's direction, and gasped. "IT'S BACK!!" She screamed at Fire and Time.

The MOM came into their world with re-enforcements behind it.

Tommy then summons his gauntlets. "Hey guys, let's say the chosen ones will handle this?" he asked his sisters.

His mother went wide eyed as she tried to grab him. "MY BOY! DON'T GO OU-!"

Tammy looked at Tommy. "Yeah!"  She said, taking her glowing sword out.

Alex immediately became angry, remembering what had happened earlier to Time...she drew out her spear and shield, and charged at the beast with her siblings.

The actual mom was crazily panting as her kids fought the evil forces. "My babies! COME BACK!" Barbara cried.

The teenage Guardians, using the visions of past guardians and their weapon techniques, managed to mow through the crowds of monsters before standing face to ugly face of the MOM.

Forest and the rest of the sages stood in -gasp- "Wow! They've become more powerful than the previous guardians!"

The teens then tried to attack the MOM but get knocked onto their butts... 11-12 times.

Light comment: "Well, they still have much to learn..." Deep Thinking...

The teens got back up and then put up a valiant fight...even if they did get knocked around a few times... against the MOM and manged to nowhere fast.

"Geez! I don't think this "head on" plan is working bro!" Tammy said dodging it's attack.

Tommy fell to avoid the MOM's attack and saw an opening. "Alright! Time to change tactics!" he shouted as he ran for the MOM.

Before the MOM attacked, Alex repeatably shot arrows to divert it's attention as Tommy got behind it. "TAM! AL! I'mma expose a possible weak spot!" has said as he head locked the MOM.

The MOM roared and thrashed, but soon it's main weakness was exposed on his chest.

"Tam! Finish it off now!" He yelled as he held the MOM still.

Light noticed something just as Tammy was about to stab the beast in its weak spot.

"Oh my can't be..!"

Quickly, she ran to the window and screamed.


Alex stopped Tommy and Tammy. "Wait guys! what's wrong?!" She yelled.

Light began to cry as she realized who the beast was. "Please...don't hurt''s..."

"It's who?!!!" Tommy exclaimed.

"IT'S MY SON, ANDREW!!!" She yelled, bursting into tears as she looked at the beast as he looked back at her with the same golden eyes as her.

Light watched as the MOM threw Tommy off and slowly toddled over to the window. "Andrew..?"

Andrew nearly growled in tears at it recognized her. It then roared as it went through the wall of the house and tackled her in a crying hug.

The forces that came with the MOM soon retreated as the guardians and their mother and father walked over to the mopping monster.

Barbara cleared her eyes with water before asking: "Light? This is your son?!"

"Yes. Satan must've had a previous MOM before he turned my son into a monster...My precious baby...oh my god..." Light said, holding Andrews face in her hands, his eyes still glowing a golden yellow.

"That's a good explanation for this, sister dearest." Fire said, examining Andrews weak spot.

Tommy whispered to Tammy. "Are you as creeped out as I a-,"

Barbara then grabbed his ear. "Do not make fun him."

"Ow, ;×; Sorry!" He complained as they heard Andrew mumble incoherently.

Tammy kept her mouth shut, but deep down inside she was laughing like crazy at her brother.

"There's got to be a way to reverse this...." Spirit said.

"Gods touch," Time said coming from behind them. "God of time had foreseen this and has told me that it is the only way to reverse this. But there is one issue."

Ted then asked. "What?"

"The big boss hasn't responded since the freaks broke out of their bounds." Time said.

Tammy eyes widened.  "Oh you can't be serious..."

"Yeah, super cereal about it kid. The only way I know up getting up there would be to take the stair way to heaven. But just to warn you, it's a far journey even with wheels. So the best bet is to find the Sage of Travels, she has a few portals that can take you there." Time suggested.

Tommy then butted in. "Wait, so you knew this happened, yet you didn't do anything to prevent it?" :?

Time sighed: "Look, as a sage, I can't alter history. Last time I did it was to prevent World War 3...and that was a LOT of paper work and a LOT of explaining to do with the Soviets and Kennedy's generals." he explained.

"Oh, but still." Tommy said to himself.

" have a point about the sage of Travels." Fire said, looking back at his sister holding her sons head in her arms.

"I guess we should start looking." ^^; Forest said.

"Sage of traveling should be in the elder forest, but beware that the place is CRAWLING with the undead." Time said.
Tommy raised a brow. "Wait, you're not going with us?" :?

"Are you kidding me, bro? I already got beat down and now I have this ugly black eye! The ladies like a nice, smooth, and kis-,"

"We get it!" Everyone said.

"Yeah yeah shut the hell up, Miguel. You're coming anyways...Right? Unless you wanna be bald, though I don't think the ladies would like that." Angie said grabbing the sages hair, her eyes turning lilac.

Alex then whispered to her father, "Miguel? That's his real name?"

"Sounds like the name of that one rap artist or something." Ted whispered back.

"W-woah A-Angie, there's no need for violence! ^^; Let's just get back to our universe and look for the Sage of Travels. " Tammy said calmly as Angie let go of his hair.

"Fine! Come along, drag queens." Miguel said while leading them across dimensions and into the forest.

"....Drag queens?" the young bear growled.

"Don't listen to him, he's just upset because he's the only sage who knows the way." Shadow said smugly.

The mighty forest, so beautiful, so grand, so...dangerous looking. the 3 guardians, Angie, Miguel, Ted, Babs, and others all traveled on the long beaten path to the sage of Travels.

"So, how far is it?" Tommy asked.

"She shouldn't be far from here, but be on the look out." Miguel explained as they moved.

"Stay close, alrighty sweetheart? " Light said rubbing her sons face, soon seeing him nod.

Andrew stood close to his mother, looking around the forest wondering what the sage of of Travels looked like.

"Also, when we get there, DO NOT get her angry, unless you want to travel to the moon without a space suit." Miguel said as they kept walking.

"Space suit?" Alex questioned.

"Yeah, this one time, somebody p-, HIDE NOW!" he whispered as they hid in the bushes.

An entire army drove by them, all looking like they're heading in the same direction they were heading.

After they were gone, Time got back up. "And...they are heading in the direction of the sage's house...:censored: ." he cursed.

*Continued in Part IV: The Big Red One*
This is the 3rd installment of the currently on going series: The Guardians by :iconx-nightwatcher-x: and :iconsuperaceheroic:

Once again, the art we did was a collab using a template, view Part II's description to find out more.

Thanks for reading ^^

Part I: The Guardians Part I(This is an original Role Play I'm doing with :iconX-Nightwatcher-X: Please enjoy! ^^)
An angel spreads out her wings over a deep lake, the feathers begin to fall, turning blue and disappearing...
It seems that the Water sage has appeared! But how come shes not in her temple? What made her come out? No one even knows where her temple is at, except for the other sages. Something must be terribly wrong for her to come out.
"There is a disturbance between the world of the living, and the dead. The Devil and his minions seems to be trying to break through our barrier in hopes of causing massive damage and spreading mass chaos to this world; and I'm afraid that we cannot fight them off this time." the water sage explained with a troubled voice.
The fire sage appears, holding the light sage in his arms
"We have a huge problem! They broke through, and they knocked Light unconscious, she won't wake up..!" He screamed
The forest appears right next to water, covered in gashe

Part II: The Guardians Part II: The Sage of TIme
Alex looked at her father confused and concerned.
"Dad? You ok?" She said, still holding her weapons.
"You're mother is in big trouble guys. We need to go help her!" Ted shouted.
"Ah, so you saw Barbara...Let's go ahead and go to the Sages chambers to discuss and make a plan." Light said as she looked at Spirit, giving him the signal to make a portal leading to the chambers.
When they entered the portal, they walked into a large room with a whole bunch of doors leading into each sages rooms. Three doors were marked specifically for Tommy, Tammy, and Alex.
"WOAH! THIS PLACE IS SO AMAZING!" his voice echoed through the room.
"I couldn't agree more! Wow! " Tammy said, listening to her voice echoing through as well.
"Wait, Tom, where's Alex?"
Tommy then looked around. "Alex? ALEX!" he called out
Alex was over with her father, and Light, as he and the other sages were discussing what to do next.
"Light, we need to hurry. Barbara is in danger, and I can't lose her again." :eagerpee: Ted said
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