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Case file 005
Code name: into the danger (part 1)

It took me awhile to determine that a Brand new Genie King was stirring up trouble for the Shantae series. In short, he claimed himself the king of the genies and of all Scuttle Town. Shantae, the half-genie hero, tried to stop him and because the King was so undeniably cool, she was defeated and taken somewhere that I couldn’t figure out.

Even though the town guardian was captured, that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a force building up to defeat it. But like many sues seeking the art of over kill, forced the rather mass rebellion to the far reaches of Sequin Land, the name of their kinda Earth. I was hoping when I read rebellion that I would’ve had plenty of back up, but I guess when you’re the king that can convince anyone with the promise of candy, you want no one in your way. Beating this king will be a tall order, but I’ve signed up for less.

I have a little soft spot for the little Half Genie, so I wasn’t going to let a two timing king get in my way of setting things right. First, I better get Shantae, where ever she might be…

FCES in...

The Great Genie King

By: The Gr3at Geny King

*New Scuttle Town*

Ace went through the rift and immediately hid as a bunch of guards walked by. Ace looked back out when the coast was clear, and proceeded towards town square. When he got there, he noticed that the guards were more machine now than an average guard. He sighed. “Oh great, more robots. Give me a break with these “go to” concepts.” He muttered as he started sneaking about.

Ace took the alley ways to avoid the guards, but while doing so, he didn’t expect the roaming cameras that definitely didn’t belong in this part of the fandom to follow his every move, and up above, a mysterious second pair of eyes followed Ace’s path.

*meanwhile in a castle near the city*

“So, there is a rat running around my town? Probably one of those butt hurt sue hunters. Well unfortunately for him, I’ve come prepared.” A mysterious voice said as he pressed a button.

*Back to the scene*

Ace cut through the corners until he was stopped by a bunch of mechanical monsters. “Oh…eh…hi fellas.” He said as the guards pulled out giant cannons. “Um, I don’t suppose you’ll want me alive right?”
The metal monsters looked at each other before going into “kill” mode and chased Ace into town square, cannons blazing. Ace got grazed by some before he found cover in dried up fountain, as the monsters started destroying the town just to kill Ace.

Ace then pulled out his gun. “Well Libs, remember that they fired first.” He said to the camera before peeking over cover and began blasting away at the guard bots. “Eat lead you robotic freak!” he shouted as the fire fight ensued .

One by one, the bots fell, but for everyone he destroyed, 3 took its place. Ace continued until he ran down on his last 4 shells. “And...they eat lead apparently, well damn.” He said trying to find his great escape.

Suddenly a giant bird swooped down and sent the guards into the harbor nearby. Ace looked up and saw the owner of the giant colorful animal. Sky, and her trusted giant bird Wrench. “Hey you! You’re the guy who I saw come from that portal thing right?” she asked.

Ace nodded. “Yeah, I heard things are a bit hectic here, so I came to help you out with your ‘king’.” He replied.

Sky smiled. “Thank gosh, I thought we were going to have to fight this alone.” She said as she heard more guards coming. She gestured to Ace. “Come on! We’re getting outta here!” she said extending her hand out to him.

Ace nodded and took her hand and got on. The guards were then in sight, aiming and firing at them flying away from the scene. They took a few grazes before the bird lifted them off higher into the sky, way beyond their effective range. The robots continued to monitor them from the ground until they got out of range of their sensors.


The figure watched them through the eyes of the guard as they escaped into the skies above. “This could be a problem. Take care of it.” He said to another dark figure behind him.

The figure nodded and disappeared into the shadows.

Suddenly, the back doors to his suite was opened. He turned his seat around to see the former mayor of Scuttle Town walking up to him. “You! You promised that your guards wouldn’t fire upon my people!” he shouted.

“I did, didn’t I? Well in my defense, they were here illegally so I had to take care of them.” He said as he waved him off.

The Mayor frowned. “Please, we’re a peaceful people, you can’t just-,”

“Are you saying I’m not good enough as a king?”

“n-no I’m not, but hang on, that's not what I was going on ab-,”

“Yes you are!” he interrupted.

“But my king I never said or was going to say anything like that.” The mayor sweated.

“Good! Because I know everything and what it takes to be king! I even know what 3x4 is! It's 7 by the way. Also, don’t you EVER question my rule, god!” he shouted like a spoiled kid. 

“Alright, you may know how to run everything and convince an entire resistance to turn tail and run, you’re not a king of the people. I won’t let the sovereignty of my people be oppressed any longer! You think you’re doing a good job, but compared to my old administration, I do a much better job than you!” he shouted.

The room went silent for a long time. The guards left the room as blue smoke rose. The mayor startled in fear.

“How dare you. I do a better job than anyone here! I am the strongest genie in this universe, I am also the smartestest and the richest person, and the strongest genie hero in this universe! I can do what ever I want, and what I want is you to be out of my way!” he shouted as he used his magic to catch the mayor and seal him in a jar. “And you will all, respect. My authorita!” He said as he closed the jar.

*back to the scene*

When they were out of range, Ace sighed as he rubbed a few cuts on his arm. “Thanks for getting me outta there. I thought my goose was cooked.” He said as Sky directed her bird far from Scuttle Town.

“Yeah, you’re welcome. By the way, the name is Sky and this is my bird Wrench.” She said as the bird cawed.

Ace smiled as he felt uneasy flying on the giant bird. “Name's Ace!” he said while trying to hold on tight.

Sky smiled. “So, you said you're here to help us with the Genie King? Man, you have some nerve taking on the king himself.” She said over the rushing wind.

“Yeah, well call me the nerve king, cause I’m here to kick his-,”

“Woah there cowboy, you kiss your mom with that mouth? Hang on tight!” Sky called as Wrench flew too and landed on a hill of a beautiful island.

Ace and Sky hopped off and saw the islands beautiful scenery. The lush tropical tries, grass lands as far as the eye could see, and down hill from them, he witnessed a concrete structure with vines trying to re-conquer the ancient stones. Ace has played Shantae’s games and awed at the backgrounds, being there in person really made him smile widely. “This place is beautiful!”

“Yeah, take in as much of the scenery as you can, because you’re not going to see anymore of this if we let the king rule on. When the king came, he ordered construction of ugly buildings that looked like something a kid would build in 3rd grade. It’s really sad, everything that lived on the other islands had to move, and those who tried to fight, got sent to the jail or joined him. Its gotten so bad that Wrench can’t even go anywhere but the city and here without a bunch of construction or black smoke in his air space.” She said petting Wrench. Wrench nuzzled under Sky’s hand.

Ace looked around. “That animal! He has to be stopped.” He growled as he punched into his palm.

Sky smiled and motioned him to follow. “Glad we're on the same page. Come on, Shantae’s Uncle would love to have more help in his resistance movement.” She said as both entered door of the old structure down hill.

Ace was then lead to a large war room where a old, and a relatively big man was working on a strange contraption. Sky called to him. “Dr. Mimic!”

Mimic looked away from his work and held a stun rod against Ace’s throat. “Who is he?” he growled as Sky cut in.

“Doc! Relax! This is Ace, he’s here to help.” She said as Mimic lowered his weapon.

“Help huh? Well sorry about that, kind of on my toes with the genie king.” Mimic said as he examined Ace.

Ace nodded. “Hey, no worries. I’m no stranger of dangers, threats, and near death experiences.” He said as he rubbed his neck.

Mimic nodded. “Well, good. Now, before we can get any closer..." he said pulling out a ray gun. "How do I know I can trust you?” he asked.

“Doc!” Sky shouted.

“What?” he asked.

“Don’t you think that’s a pretty harsh thing to do to every new comer I bring you?” she asked.

“No, I think I it’s not harsh enough.” He responded by getting a bigger ray gun. Ace gulped as the weapon intimidated him.

“Do we always have to question someone’s trust when they offer their help? We lost most of our crew and I've been trying to help bring some to the fight!" Sky complained.

“Well, I need to know since last time you brought someone here, they  betrayed us, destroyed my lab, and got most of my men arrested or trapped in a genie bottle!” he brought up.

Sky was about to continue, but remained silent and remorseful. “I’m sorry.” She said rubbing her arm

“Now, can we trust you.” He asked Ace.

Ace didn’t appreciate the tone, it sounded like it was just an accident, but he gets it. Before he joined FCES, his commanders demanded absolute trust in him, and being that this was war time, even though he didn’t like it, he understood why Mimic needed to ensure trust, otherwise, the Sue wins and everyone is his puppet for life.

Ace nodded his head. “All I’m here for is to give that genie king a good ol’ fashioned Ace fanny whooping. I hadn’t had a good fight in a while, and I need help getting to him, so yeah, give me a chance. I promise I don’t bite doc.” Ace chuckled.

Mimic sighed. “The new generation these days. Alright, but if you betray me,” pulls out an even bigger laser and holds it in Ace’s face. “I’ll disintegrate you into nothing.” He said.

Ace gulped and nodded. “N-noted.” He said as Mimic lowered his weapon.

Sky smiled. “Thanks Doctor. Now Ace, I couldn't help but notice a lack of fire power.” she turned to Ace.

“Yeah,” Ace said bringing up his shotgun. “It takes too much ammo to knock these robot guards down. I guess I should’ve brought something bigger to combat these guys.”

He then looked down at Ace’s shotgun. “Hmmm, I recognize that design, I think I can upgrade it so you at least take one down without trouble. would you like me to upgrade you weapon?”

Ace chuckled. “How do I know I can I trust you with upgrading my gun?”

“Do you have any other choice than taking them head on?” Mimic retorted.

Ace smirked and looked at his gun. “Knock yourself out.” He said handing it over.

Mimic took the gun, turned his back on Ace, and after hearing a bunch of mechanical noises he turned around and gave Ace…


“What is this?” Ace asked forgoing the traditional act of asking questions in a Shantae game.

“This is an ELECTRIC BOOM STICK, it does +5 damage to mechanical beings, it also gets 500 shots on a 2 hour charge, and it’s great for the environment.” Mimic explained.

“Sick.” Ace said as he looked at his sawed off and then aimed it at a target sheet. He then fired an electric charge at the target and it completely disintegrated on impact. “Ex's beware, I think I found myself a new lover.” Ace said kissing the weapon.

Ace then put his new weapon in his pouch and turned to Mimic. “So, how are we getting into the palace.”

“Unless you’re a genie as strong as my niece or the king, your chances of getting in are slim to none.” he answered as he showed him a map.

“Magical barrier?” Ace guessed.

“More like a magical, non-genie killing barrier.” Sky said.

“These sues don’t make my job any easier. So, if Shantae can get me in, then where can I find her?”

“My sources say that she is being held in a special genie cell on Humble Isle. But there is one problem, we can’t get you there by normal means so you will have to be caught and sent to that jail.” Mimic said pointing to an island on the map itself.

“Special genie cell? But how? I’m not magic nor do I have any mystical powers.” He said wiggling his finger tips.

“You don’t now, but I have a few things that could give the allusion that you’re a genie…” he said while thinking of something.

*Scuttle Town and a dress up later*

Wrench cawed as Ace and Sky were flown into town. They then circled around and landed on the outskirts of town to avoid capture.

Sky departed from her magical bird first. “Come on Ace, you look fine. I’m sure the guards wont recognize you, and you’ll at least somewhat pass off for a genie for sure.” Sky said as Ace jumped down.

Ace was wearing a green shelve-less bust jacket with sparkling black pants with shoes whose tips pointed up. He also wrapped a big turban on his head and added a feather on the front. “I feel ridiculous, and how do you know they won’t recognize me, and why can't I just blast them all and get thrown in the old fashioned way?” he asked as he tested his shoes.

“Minic equipped your outfit with little mocro-thingies that are supposed to scramble their sensors and going in guns blazing won't help,” she answered as she checked her watch. “If today's schedule is correct, King butt skull should be at the spa and not in control of the cameras and the guards. I've always wondered what kings do at these spas?


The king was playing Call of Shooters 3-Ds+, and got several headshots: "ALRIGHT! 40 more and I unlock the gold skin for my rocket launchair!" he said with his eyes glued to the screen.

His robot servants came in with a milk shake. "Here you are sire." it said as the king looked at it.

"I TOLD YOU NO STRAWBERRY ON THE TOP! GUARDS! KILL IT!" He shouted as the guards took the servant away.

The servant cried: "Please no! Sad face :( ."

The king then turned his attention to the game. "HEY! LET ME KILL ALL YOU NOOBS SO I GET GOLD SKIN! I'M YOUR KING SO YOU GOTTA." he then killed 40 "Volunteers" and got a message: "God Skin Unlocked."

"YEA! Now it's time to unlock the Diamond skin!" he said lining up the players to die in game.

*back to scuttle town*

"So, memorized the routine?" she asked him.

“Yeah,” he then put on some modified gloves. “Use the wrist smoke devices to cover my tracks while you switch me with an animal to give the illusion that I can change into animals, then,” he let out the fully covered mechanical hair whip. “Wreck some robots with this pony tail thing, and get into jail. Piece of cake... but I would still rather at least punch something.” He said.

"Well you don't want to get caught. We need this to work. so bare with the fully functio-,” Sky was about to say before she was interrupted by the random swinging of Ace's hair whip.

It started to twist around until it suddenly it whipped him in the backside. “YEOW!”

“Opps! Um. Somewhat functional hair whip.” She blushed as she giggled a bit. “Also, take this.” She said giving him…


Ace looked at it. “Awesome! A lamp…will it give me 3 wishes? My first wish, my gun please.”

Sky shook her head. “Nope and no, but if you find Shantae, she’ll know how to use it properly. I got it from her room back at her house. I think it might be useful for something.”

“Yeah, like the plot.” He said pocketing the lamp.

"Like the what?" Sky asked tilting her head.

"Nothing, I better get going if I want to that's hard to say without puking inside." he grumbled.

“Remember, make the capture look convincing, otherwise they’ll take you to regular jail...where they do things that are not legal inside... but what's not legal here anymore right?” She asked.

 “Alright, I’m ret to go…get caught and thrown in genie prison...” he announced as he ran into the town.


The towns people were carrying on their new lives under the watchful eye of the mechanical guards, when a green and black stranger came into the town square.

The towns people tried to gather around him, but the robot guards soon surrounded him and sent the other people back to their homes. One of the guards then tried to scan him, but as expected, they couldn't identify him as the man they tried to kill earlier. “Identify yourself.” they asked.

“I am Heroica! The magical genie guy!” he said to the guards, sweating like a dog while Sky cringed at his introduction.

"Magical genie guy? He's going to get caught for sure." she cursed under her breath.

One of them scanned his speech. “Probability of being a genie…0%, his speech might be impaired as he claimed to be a "Genie".”

“He is unlikely a genie then.” They said.

“Oh but I am, you just haven’t seen what I can do!” Ace announced as Sky reluctantly got ready behind him.

“Proceed.” They said as a few cameras hovered above them, all fixated on Ace.

Ace gulps. ‘Here goes nothing.’ He said as he then proceeded to dance. As he danced to the unimpressed guards, Ace then activates his smoke bombs and disappears from sight. When the smoke cleared, a monkey dressed in his attire remained. It started itching it's butt and began chasing after a butterfly.

The guards looked at each other before the smoke bomb went off again. This time when the smoke cleared, an elephant appeared with Ace's hat on it. The guards raised a mechanical brow before a mouse came by and scared the elephant. In fear, the elephant then charged through the buildings to its left and left the owners crying over their ruined homes and possibly someone's dream cabbage stand. "NO MY CABBAGES!" they cried in the distance.

“Probability of being a genie, 34%.” The guards said.

In the hiding spot, Ace and Sky fist bumped before Ace pressed the button on his smoke bomb device.

The smoke bomb then went off and Ace was back in his original position in front of the guards. “Impressed?” he asked as he smiled widely.

The robot guards looked at each other and then back at Ace. “We are not programed for emotional responses, but it has been programmed to know, from the greatest creator of all time the genie king, that anyone can pull a trick like that.” They said beginning to show signs of mechanical impatiens.

Ace sighed and then rubbed his hands together. “Alright, now, for my next GENIE MAGIC TRICK! I will make one of you disappear!” he said as he got into a battle ready position. “Any volunteers?”

The guards looked at each other before sending one to charge Ace with it's chainsaw arm, ready to chop his challenger in two.

“Alright, please work.” Ace gulped as mechanical hair whip then stretched out and struck the mechanical beast, sending it miles away into the open jaws of a mechanical shark trying to eat a giant floating peach. Ace opened his eyes and laughed. “Holly cow that wo-,” he said as the hair whip came back and stuck him in the face. “OW!”

“Probability of being a genie, 62%.” The guards said.

Ace rubbed his face and then asked: “Is that good enough for genie jail?”

“We require more proof.” They answered.

“Tough crowd.” Sky commented.

“Um, okay…um…” he thought for a moment and then pulled out a deck of cards. “Pick a card?”

The guards then drew their weapons and started aiming them at Ace. Ace gulped as it looked like the end of the road for him.

Sky thought for a second and then whispered out: “Ace! The lamp! THE LAMP!”

Ace heard her the second time over his fear of dying and dug out the lamp. He then held it over his head. “Don’t come any closer or Ill…use this! Somehow..!” he shouted as the guards scanned it.

After scanning the lamp, all their sensors went off. “GENIE DETECTED! DETAIN ALL GENIES!” they shouted as they all charged towards Ace.

Ace took some steps back, his instincts told him to turn these guards into scrap metal, but Sky shook her head and whispered out: “Stay calm!”

Ace gulped as he had no other choice…but that doesn’t mean that he’ll just stand around and let cuff him without a fight. Ace pocketed the lamp and smirked. “You will never take me alive!” he said attempted to use his hair whip, but the whip circled around, slapped him across the face, and sent him face first into the ground. “Ow…” he mumbled in the dirt.

The guards then grabbed and hauled Ace across the ocean to an island, where he was then forced to enter in a security prison that looked as secure as Fort Knox. After taking his name, his mug shots, and freedom of the American dream, he was thrown in a magical vortex inside a prison cell and was locked in.

Ace got up and dusted himself off. “Not even a phone call or a court appointed lawyer.” He grumbled as he looked at the barrier that surrounded him. He saw no means of escape, he then tried putting his hand through the portal, but found that even his skin like steal was burning to a crisp in the barrier itself.

He yelped as he shook his hand in pain. “Sky wasn't kidding. This is going To be a little harder to get out than I thought…” he said kissing his hand to try and make it all better.

“You're right and wrong. There's no escape now, but in a moment the guards will come back, and they will only set one of us free.” Said a woman masked in shadows.

Ace turned around and saw the woman in a corner. “Oh good, another person trying to kill me. Hey, um, I don’t have time to explain this, but I’m actually looking for someone in this prison, so can we like, fight right after I get out of here with said person?”

“Looking? Found someone I would say, and we're going to settle the score right now, Mr. Heroic." she said giggling.

“How do you know my name?" he asked confused.

“The king knows all. You sue hunters just don't know when to stop being butt hurt about us sues now don't you?” she asked.

Ace then growled. "Alright, who are you, and where is Shantae?!"

“Shantae? She is here, we are one in the same,” She said coming out of the shadows, revealing herself to Ace who gasped in shock. “Unfortunately for you.”

To Be Continued...
Ace's newest case is to dissolve an oppressive kingdom ruled by a sue, but unlike last time, this task will be bigger and more wacky than before...

Fandom: Shantae
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SinistrosePhosphate Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This is quite interesting! 
Of course, I gotta look up the Shantae fandom to figure out what's going on. But hey, once I did figure it out it's becoming more interesting by the line. And I love the old Doc Mimic, too. 

Keep up the good work! :w00t:
SuperAceheroic Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much! :D Shantae games are addictive and the stories are very funny XD play it sometime or watch the cut scenes sometime! The game is much more funnier than I make it out to be. :3
SinistrosePhosphate Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That's OK. I have a feeling that your story just sounds more serious because of the type of stories you are used to writing. After all, we are looking at through Ace's point of view. 
I will take your word for the games, though! :) 

And yes... keep writing! :thumbsup:
SuperAceheroic Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You too! :D
oaky123456 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool, can't wait for more!!
SuperAceheroic Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw thank you ^v^ I'll be sure to post part 2 soon
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