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FCES: The Genie King
Case file 005
Code name: into the danger (part 1)
It took me awhile to determine that a Brand new Genie King was stirring up trouble for the Shantae series. In short, he claimed himself the king of the genies and of all Scuttle Town. Shantae, the half-genie hero, tried to stop him and because the King was so undeniably cool, she was defeated and taken somewhere that I couldn’t figure out.
Even though the town guardian was captured, that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a force building up to defeat it. But like many sues seeking the art of over kill, forced the rather mass rebellion to the far reaches of Sequin Land, the name of their kinda Earth. I was hoping when I read rebellion that I would’ve had plenty of back up, but I guess when you’re the king that can convince anyone with the promise of candy, you want no one in your way. Beating this king will be a tall order, but I’ve signed up for less.
I have a little soft spot for the little Half Genie, s
:iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 7 6
Love and Marriage :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 10 12 Requests: From Dusk :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 7 4
The Guardians Part III: The MOMs
"By the waaaay." Angie said, "I picked up an injured blue haired girl on the way over here. So, I took her back to my universe, so she could recover a little bit...and she said her name was Barbara?" She said, looking at the sages.
"WAIT WHAT?" Tammy shouted.
Ted immediately stepped in front of her. "Take me to her. She's my wife and their mother." He explained while Tommy and the others surrounded Angie.
"She's currently in my healing room." The bear said, quickly opening a portal to her universe.
"She should be fully healed by now..."
Tommy and his sisters looked at the portal, a bit hesitant to step in.
Ted looked back at his kids and said: " Come on, we need to see her."
Tommy nodded and turned to his sisters. "Come on guys." he said before heading to the portal.
Alex was already jumping into the portal, Tammy was a little bit speechless.
"O...ok?" She said, before walking after Tommy to the portals.
As they entered, they were teleported to a grand and beautiful looking area. There
:iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 2 2
My Success story, assembled my table :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 7 29 Request: Permission to Come Aboard! :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 8 4 Request: The Monster Inside :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 9 5 Request: Royality of the Rats :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 15 3 Request: Return to your Roots, Rosa :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 8 2 Request: The Emperor :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 10 26 I Really Am Blind Without All of You :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 10 12 DA user fan art: Pink Doxi :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 11 2 Snuggled in a Big Winter Coat :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 11 23 My little ol' buddy and me :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 17 35 Fancy Duke Heroic :iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 16 2
The Guardians Part II: The Sage of TIme
Alex looked at her father confused and concerned.
"Dad? You ok?" She said, still holding her weapons.
"You're mother is in big trouble guys. We need to go help her!" Ted shouted.
"Ah, so you saw Barbara...Let's go ahead and go to the Sages chambers to discuss and make a plan." Light said as she looked at Spirit, giving him the signal to make a portal leading to the chambers.
When they entered the portal, they walked into a large room with a whole bunch of doors leading into each sages rooms. Three doors were marked specifically for Tommy, Tammy, and Alex.
"WOAH! THIS PLACE IS SO AMAZING!" his voice echoed through the room.
"I couldn't agree more! Wow! " Tammy said, listening to her voice echoing through as well.
"Wait, Tom, where's Alex?"
Tommy then looked around. "Alex? ALEX!" he called out
Alex was over with her father, and Light, as he and the other sages were discussing what to do next.
"Light, we need to hurry. Barbara is in danger, and I can't lose her again." :eagerpee: Ted said
:iconsuperaceheroic:SuperAceheroic 5 3

Friends, family, and all (All relationships user suggested)

:iconsuperaceheroic: people I know and love :3

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List is subject to change please don't not ask to be lovers and blocked users may not come back into contact with me at anytime. ALL RELATIONSHIP STATUSES ARE USER SUGGESTED. Thank You

Songs that describe my...well... 

6 deviants said Undertale Game Over Theme
3 deviants said Oh~ what you say~?
3 deviants said Hello darkness my old friend~.
2 deviants said How could this happen to me?!
2 deviants said I~, I just died in your arms tonight!


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Thank you for you mo- I mean valuable time ^^
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You give so much love, with all your core membership giveaways. When will everyone love you the way you love them? You deserve more gifts. :3
I'm not much entitled to receive gifts. If I haven't paid for the person's hard work, then I would appreciate the offers but refuse. I might be greedy at times, and probably the worst spender you can ever meet, but I won't ask for anything in return 92% of the time. The other 8% is if I want to gift someone else with a piece of art, or in cases that makes me sound hypocritical, I might accept an art piece or too, but that usually happens when others don't want to let me go without doing something in return. So in short, I don't deserve gifts, but that doesn't mean that I'm saying that: "I THINK YOUR ART IS HORRIBLE, WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER ACCEPT A GIFT FROM YOU?!" I'm saying that at times, I love to give and not receive. The reason why I'm doing this is that I want to see you and everyone else grow their deviant art career, I don't need compensation, all the compensation I want is to see you grow and expand your works. That's all the gifts I want. ;)


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*Very important update to all players. The wheel I found on the website link below has a major issue. It's only limited to about 50 spaces and we are well over 62 spaces too many for this wheel to handle.

So I went out and found an alternate wheel that limits 100 spaces so right now the 62 spaces will no longer be an issue, but I am going to warn that I'll be putting a limit unless someone has knowledge of a 100+ choice wheel they can link me too.

Right now as of the my comment, we have 38 spaces left, so if you want to claim them, do so, but unless a new wheel is presented, once the 38 is gone, entry will be closed.

Link to the new wheel I'll be using:

Thank you ^_^

(Note before commenting, there will be a special phrase you'll NEED to enter into your comment, so please read to the end)

Get yourselves prepared, because the steaks, have never been higher. La la la la

This play for core is the biggest yet, the grand prize... 1 year core membership. That's 12 whole months, 365 days, and 8750 hours of Deviant Art's Core Membership. :D (Big Grin)

Since last time it was number based, this time, I'm going to write your DA name on a wheel from this website:

And I'll pick your name live on video (most likely on ) and post it for all eyes to see and make sure this is not going to be biased. :o (Eek) Clap

Because the stakes are high and I'm investing a little bit in, I'm also offering 3 month and 1 month to 2nd and 3rd random winners, so even if you don't win the grand prize, you may also have 2 chances to win something. ;) (Wink)

Since most do these things to gain watchers, I'm not holding you to watch me after this raffle, but I will offer you two more spaces if you do want to have more chances of winning :) (Smile)

To gain the spaces, you can:

Watch me
Make journal or status about this
Mention someone that might be interested
draw Ace in your style (doesn't need to be full colored or full body) :) (Smile) #requestw**** :P (Lick)

Now, the contest will end in 14 days of the time of this journal, so that will give you plenty of time to get your extra spaces and hopefully more players.


You must be a member of Deviant Art.

I will not tilt odds into a specific person's favors.

If you wish to have the point equivalent you must note me at least 2 days in advance.

If you have deactivate your account, been suspended for some reason, or have decided not to play, then you will be removed from the raffle list.

Please know that I'll award the player 10 minutes after the raffle is complete.

And anyone can participate, including friends, enemies, previous players of my raffles, and players of all ages and nationalities.
The special phrase is: That's Not My Wallet

Thank you for reading and if this is successful, I'll be holding contests for 1 year core or the money equivalent Wink/Razz

So may the best man/woman win! ^^ 

Love, SuperAceheroic

Raffle List (Updated every other day):

:iconmapleleaf02: :iconrandoxide: :iconlaapplepie: :iconx-nightwatcher-x: :iconwinged-mari: :iconratqween: :iconsapphiravolkov: :iconkaytlin-andcie: :iconrob66: :iconlagialugia: :iconlakorvin: :iconquadpen: :iconshadow-aspect: :iconsp00ky--gh0st: :iconmr-question-mark: :iconscaryskits11: :icontoireneko: :icontheoriginaldl: :iconknves: :iconrat-kiing: :iconitchymoto: :iconcourier1: :iconfreetzo: :icont95master: :iconzanzibar2000: :iconkylaluv: :iconwiifreak27: :iconpastel-theo: :iconzacharyxnyc: :iconvanillamarbles: :iconnemoleegreen343: :iconpeacefultranquility: :iconlennynolennie: :iconthetopcatofthealley: :iconelectricalgeek: :iconwarforthewishorb:


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Alright I'm done. DO NOT ASK FOR POINTS. I will GIVE some on my own free will. Asking for points is now a block-able offense on this page, so please stop asking.

<------ Always looking for new friends ^^ Including Parents, siblings, and Friends :)

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Rules about Role Play

1. don't hear from me message me, if I don't hear from you after 3-5 days, the role play is done.

2. If a role play goes on Hiatus for more than a month, I'll message you.

3. I do Notes and Comments (for comments, expect accidental replies to oneself)

3. Don't let me be the only one thinking of ideas.

4. Please have a character appropriate to the setting and/or fandom of the RP.

5. No emotionless characters

5. I play cartoon like, but for the most part realistically.

6. Please tell me if you're not having fun or are unable to continue.

7. I have a right to refuse NSFW type role plays

8. No canon character/oc ship based role play.

9. And as a bonus, let's have some fun! :D

I draw for fun, write for fun, and all that jazz ;)

No more lovers please...lovers are scary ;w;

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Aceheroic True Facts #30:
Ace once tried to get the lead role in Undertale, but lost the role to a kid who refused to talk without the aid of a choice of dialogue on screen, and happened to have a red eyed adopted sibling.
That has been true facts of Aceheroic.
Give your honest opinion about me of this page, I can't reply...go!


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